Leadership at St. Benedict’s

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Cutie family

Father Albert Cutié and his wife, Ruhama, with Camila and Albert

Saint Benedict’s Head Ministries and Programs

Deacon Debra McLaughlin
Debra McLaughlin


Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Parish Secretary/Administrator

Xavier Richardson


Mordecai Emanuel
Emanuel Mordecai


Feel free to contact our staff, clergy, or any of our church leaders via email: parishoffice@saintbenedicts.org


CLASS OF 2020-2022
Kathleen Moon
Godfrey Thomas
Ashley Vaz
CLASS OF 2021-2023
James Dunmire
Alicia Kelley
CLASS OF 2022-2024
Isam (Sam) Amireh
Solomon Consuegra
Michael Lewis
Patricia Mason
Fay McKenzie-Chambers
Satnarine Ricketts-Weller
Kevin Walford
EX Officio

Senior Warden: Winston Plummer(Senior Warden) ex-officio member

Junior Warden: Dwight Douglas(Junior Warden) ex-officio member

Iverton Newton (Treasurer)