Breeze Church Managment

The church office used different platforms to manage our parishioner database, contributions, and historical data in the past years. While this served the church’s purpose in the past, it did not keep up with the times in both technology and helping to keep our records up to date and accurate in December 2022; we converted our old system over to the breeze church management system and expired Saint benedict’s App.

What does that mean for our parishioners?

With Breeze, you can view your data and update information that may have changed or been incorrect for you or your immediate family. View all your contributions and pledges that you’ve given to the church. Have access to events on our church calendar. Review any events or activities in which you volunteered. Give donations, pay pledges online, and manage any recurring gifts you’ve set up. You’ll also be able to use an app on your smartphone or tablet to access your account on Breeze.

This Breeze knowledge base webpage will help you with any questions or instructions on how to use the breeze application. You can also contact Saint Benedict’s Media and Communication team for any questions or concerns.