Breeze Church Managment

My Profile

“My Profile” is your member profile, which gives you access to update your personal information; you no longer need to contact the church office to update your information.

Not only that, in the “My Profile” section, you can view all your tags, attendance, giving, forms, and volunteering schedules.

And, with Beeze online member profiles, you can choose what contact information you want visible on the church member directory. The only visual personal information is your name, contact information, proficiency, and family members.

Adding Individual Photos

To upload a photo of an individual:

Navigate to that person’s profile.

Click on the image box at the top.

Click “Upload Image” and select the image you want to upload.

Click “Upload Image” and select the image you want to upload.

Crop the image to the appropriate size and save the change.

Adding Family Photos

To upload a photo of a family:

Navigate to the profile of someone in the family.

Click the gray header over the family section and click “Add Family Picture.”

Click “Upload Image” and select the image you want to upload.1

Crop the image to the appropriate size and save the change.

Images must be in jpeg, png, gif, or BMP format.

Adding Photos from a Mobile Device

To upload a photo from your mobile device:

Tap the Profile picture.

Scroll down and click ‘Upload Image’

After selecting your picture, turn the phone sideways (landscape) in order to see the full picture for cropping.

After cropping, scroll down and select ‘Set as Profile.’

Information on photos

When uploading and exporting images, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the images. Large images will often create unexpected results, so here are some general guidelines to use when handling photos in Breeze.

When you save images, use PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF format. You can use PNG format if you need to retain transparency.

File Size
It’s best to avoid overly large images, both in file size and pixel dimensions. We recommend a maximum file size of 1MB for images. We don’t recommend uploading images that are significantly larger than your content area or template.

Image Size
Your printed directory has a defined area for family photos. This area is a 3×2 ratio. Note: To optimize performance, load times, and storage for users, Breeze will downscale all profile pictures to 300×200 image resolution. If you wish to retain your profile pictures’ original image size and quality, we recommend storing those images locally or in cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive…)

Additional Tips:

Color Mode or Profile
Colors used online are different from those used in print, so it’s important to make sure the colors in your images are set correctly. Web images should be saved with the RGB color profile or mode. CMYK, which designers use for print, doesn’t render accurately online and can sometimes break your embedded image.

Alt Text
It’s a good idea to add alt text to your images. Alt text is essential for accessibility and for viewers who might have trouble downloading your images. It can also help with search engine optimization for your landing pages.

High-Definition Screens
Many smartphones, tablets, and laptops feature high-definition screens, such as retina displays, that offer a higher ratio of pixels per inch. This means that some images may appear fuzzy on these displays. To ensure your images appear clearly on all screens, you can use a higher-resolution photo in an Image content block and constrain the dimensions.

Cropping Photos

Photos are required to be in a 3×2 ratio.  If you have a picture in portrait mode, you will be given a black border around the photo to include the entire photo in the image.

Upload the squared or portrait mode photo, and Breeze will automatically include the black border around the sides.

Editing a Profile

Click the gray header over the section you wish to edit.

Make the desired changes.

Click the blue “Save” button on the gray header to complete your changes.

To add additional family members or to connect family members to your profile, please click here to make the request.